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Deed of Light: National Blood Shortage in South Korea Being Resolved through ‘Life-ON’ Campaign

Updated: Jun 22

On the 26th of November, 2021, the Ministry of Health & Welfare sent an urgent message to all phones in South Korea, “We are very short of blood donation due to COVID-19. Donating blood can save precious lives. Please make a reservation in advance and visit a nearby blood donation house or a blood donation cafe.” Another message was also sent continuously to previous blood donor participants: “Emergency blood donation request —Absolute lack of blood.”

Prior to this, blood donation rates have been steadily decreasing; from 2015 to 2019, blood donor participants decreased from 12.4 million to 11.8 million. The impact of Covid-19, however, has worsened the national blood donation crisis, especially with the Omicron strain that caused the acceleration of the lack of blood donations in 2021.

Eventually, a national blood shortage ensued in 2022, causing strain within hospitals & medical institutions across the nation of South Korea. Inpatients & who are in need of blood infusions increased, and emergency procedures had to be delayed simply because of the lack of blood. New Heaven New Earth began its Life-ON campaign to overcome the blood donation crisis gripping South Korea.

From the 18th of April, for two weeks, about 27,000 New Heaven New Earth members gathered for blood donation, and around 18,000 participants completed it. The New Heaven New Earth Church has participated in regular blood donation before, and in 2020, the church has participated in blood plasma donation for the development of medicine. The Life-ON campaign has made a positive impact; the atmosphere for blood donation has heated up, encouraging the nation to participate. 6000 blood donations were made in three days, and due to the active participation of New Heaven New Earth blood shortage across hospitals in South Korea was able to ease, helping to solve the national blood shortage crisis. Red Cross Korea has thanked New Heaven New Earth for its participation. Kim Dong Seok from the Seoul Central Blood Center in the Korean Red Cross has said:

“New Heaven New Earth has been cooperating with Blood Supplying Center by doing blood donation campaigns since 2008 for sharing love to our neighbours who are suffering. Especially, from July 2020 to December 2020, when we had [a] hard time due to Covid-19, 6000 members participated [in] plasma donation for development for medicine, and this campaign has started from 18th April this year in many regions in South Korea.”

Kim Sung Bae from the Korean Red Cross in Gwangju says:

“Same as we wait for the rain after a long drought, New Heaven New Earth members’ blood donation participation is like a rain which is such an amazing work and we expect this blood donation greatly contribute greatly to the supply of blood in our region.”

Chung Un Bok, the Director of the Blood Donation Development Team of the Chungbuk Blood Institute of the Korean Red Cross, commented:

“It is so thankful that they are participating on weekdays, which is so much more difficult than participating on the weekend.”

And Yoon Joong Ok, the Head of the Red Cross Seoul Central Blood Center Development Team, has commented:

“When I meet with them for this campaign, I feel so thankful as they are participating in this blood donation in perfect order.”

A member from New Heaven New Earth has been placed into the Hall of Fame at the Korea Blood Donation Management for donating blood 538 times. His reason for donating blood is this:

“Blood donation is like my life” and, “Blood is our lives, so if I do this blood donation then I can motivate others to participate [in] this as well which is such a great gift.”

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